Our training in mobile phone repairing is skill oriented training. The classroom training also provides hands on practice on various mobile phone models. The right infrastructure is required to ensure that the students develop required skills for mobile phone repair.

Video equipped Classrooms:

class room new

The classrooms are equipped to take an optimal batch size of 16. This is to ensure that each student gets personal attention gets adequate opportunity to try hand on under the watchful eyes of  faculty.Each classroom is equipped with a workbench, video camera and an LCD monitor. While repairing mobile phones on the work bench is zoomed and presented on the monitor for the rest of the class to follow. This unique methodology ensures that a students gets the feel of what is to be done in the lab.

Well-designed Hardware lab:


The ergonomically designed workbenches ensure that the students have access to all the mobile phone repair tools and mobile phone circuit diagrams in an easy operate manner. By proper positioning of the mobile phone repair tools and testing equipment, the student will be able to complete the assignments in an orderly way with minimum learning. Celtec’s mobile phone repair labs are equipped to provide students with all equipment to undertake mobile phone  repairs up to level 3.

Software Lab:

Mobile phone software training is an integral part of the course and a student has to visit the software lab on a daily basis. The latest mobile phone software and applications are made available to ensure that the student gets equipped to handle all software related problems.

Mobile Phone Models:Sell-Cellphones


No learning is complete unless students get hands on experience on live mobile phone models. The latest mobile phone models are made available to the students for practice.

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