The objective of  mobile phone repair course in our institute  provides  requisite skills and knowledge of mobile phone repairing to enable the student to get into a wide variety of jobs in the mobile phone industry or to start a mobile phone repair outlet.



Course: Cell Phone Technician Course (Class Room Coaching)

Duration: 2 months
Eligibility: 10th class & above



course flow

This mobile phone repair course will be a mix of interactive theory sessions and ‘hands-on’ lab sessions. Personal attention and proper mentoring is ensured through optimally sized batches of 16. Video instructions in the classroom enable the students to see and even feel the minutest details of mobile phone.


Course material:

Comprehensive “mobile phone repair course” material prepared by Celtec content developers will be provided. This includes Basic electronics study material, various mobile phone circuit drawings, mobile phone related problems solved DVD’s provided. Course material also included with a tool kit of hardware material which is used to repair of mobile phone.

Course contents:

Module 1: Cell phone basics


Celtec mobile phone training institute gives  exposure  to the students, the working of a cell phone, Cell phone terminologies and components in a cellphone, mobile phone models, tools used for repairing a mobile phone are covered in this module.

Module 2: Basic Electronics

cell inside components

This module exposes the students to the concepts of basic electronics that are required for the  mobile phone repair, understanding circuit diagrams of mobile phone, procedure of soldering and de-soldering of components in mobile phones and the tools used for the same.



Module 3: Cell phone hardware (chip level)


In this module, students will learn:

  • Cell phone circuit diagrams reading methods
  • Schematic tracing methods for various sections
  • Fault finding procedures
  • Troubleshooting and repairing techniques
  • Comprehensive troubleshooting for… dead mobile phone repair, mobile phone network related problems, keypad, touchscreen, camera, memory card, charger problems and so on.
  • Practice of hot air blower soldering/de-soldering station
  • De-soldering and soldering of ESD filters (keypad IC, Display IC, etc.) and other Integrated Circuits.

Module 4: Software

In this mobile phone repair course this module exposes the students to:

  • Usage of  computer
  • Software used in cell phones
  • Installing mobile phone software repair applications and drivers for dongles
  • Troubleshooting like… firmware re-installation, firmware up-gradation, security code unlocking etc.
  • Converting and downloading logos, ringtones, videos

Module 5: Career skills

Celtec mobile phone repair institute takes care about its students after completion of the  “Mobile Phone Technician Course”.

This module has two tracks:

Placement track:

  • Placement assistance in reputed mobile phone service centers.
  • Celtec guides its students for good exposure about life skills, resume preparation and interview handling.

Self employment track:

For those who opt to become an entrepreneur, Celtec gives exposure of :

  • Planning required for mobile phone repair business
  • Handling customers
  • Managing a mobile phone repair service center.

Celtec ensures every student who completes this “Cell Phone Technician Course” get technical support through phone or e-mail communication so that they can handle the live problems in par with experienced Cell phone Technicians.

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