About Us

Celtec  the “mobile phone repair training  institute” is promoted by a diversified  education group. It is the brain child of the chief promoter of the group, Mr.K.Prakash Rao.


about us

The main objective behind launching “Cell phone Technician Course” is to provide vocational training to all, leading to a career in the fast growing telecom field, irrespective of their academic qualifications. Celtec strongly believes , that the telecom field has the potential to create thousands of jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities. Due to the lack of organized training in mobile phone repair, people are unable to exploit the opportunities created by the industry.

Celtec has the experience, expertise, resources, infrastructure and people to deliver high quality oriented mobile phone repair training.

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About Celtec Blog:

The Blog of Celtec provides technical information, tips & tricks and latest news & updates of cell phones , computers and laptops.  Celtec Blog also emphasizes on the solutions of regular problems encountered by the users of regular mobile phones, iPhone and smartphones(Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry). Celtec’s intention is to share its knowledge so that the end user will be able to understand the cause of the problems can handle the common problems without a technician’s support.

Celtec provides solutions to common user problems in the reputed Telugu Newspaper “Andhra Jyothi”. These articles are also made available on our blog so that readers could refer to them as well.

We also encourage our readers to comment on the Blog posts in the comments section and as well as ask their doubts regarding cell phones through the ‘Ask a Question‘ page on our website.

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Learn cell phone repair Online:


Celtec  providing “on-line cell phone repair training course” in such a way, one can able to attend repair of cell phone without class room coaching.

The salient features of this “Online cell phone repair training course” are:

  • Highly interactive video classes with detailed audio explanation in English & Telugu languages.
  • Learner can opt the language
  • Descriptive assignments on cell phone repair methods.
  • Comprehensive videos provide hands-on lab practice for students.
  • Detailed course material content prepared by Celtec is provided.
  • Covers all the modules taught in class room coaching.
  • Self-evaluative tests to improve the skill of the student.

Celtec intention is, every student who learn this course online should acquire the practical knowledge to repair the cell phone independently.

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