Android Marshmallow Battey

Android 6.0 , labelled as Marshmallow, a lot of new improvements were introduced to the Android OS. One of these improvements introduced with Android 6.0 is the new way of displaying the battery usage statistics. The battery usage chart in Marshmallow now gives the usage bars of Camera and Flashlight apps in the device.

The battery usage graph lets us know how much battery charge the respective app has consumed, in this case, the Camera and Flashlight. Go to Settings – > Battery and you will be able to see a graph giving the details of apps that have been hogging your battery .With the help of this usage stats, user can always check if the battery consumption de to the Camera app is only because of how much the app was used by the user’s permission, or if any other app was given the permission by the user unknowingly and is using the app thereby not letting the battery charge to last long.

Additionally, Marshmallow now has a feature that lets us use only the Flashlight without making the Camera active. This can save a large amount of battery charge when compared previously ( when using the Flashlight needed the camera to be active too).

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