WhatsApp for Android has been on roll lately with all the updates (major & minor) that have been either adding new features to the app or refreshing the user interface of the app. The version 2.12.493 and up of the app supports sending documents via the app but as of now, it only supports sending them in the .pdf format.

To send a document, you have to select the option from the attachments icon, which has been modified to contain six options like the usual, out of which one is the document option. Previously Photo and Video have been two different options but now they are adjusted into one single ‘Gallery’ option. Tap on the “document” option and you will be shown the list of all documents that you could possibly send from your device along with their size , and all of them, for now, would be only PDFs. When you finally send the PDF, you could see a nice little preview of the document you have sent in your chat window indicating the number of pages and it’s size.

Similar to the images and other media, the documents which you’ve sent to a particular person will show up in the media history tab. Also, the documents you receive will be stored under Media/WhatsApp documents on your device’s internal storage. And like the other media, you do have an option in the app’s settings on to choose how you wish documents to be downloaded to your device : When on Wi-Fi, or mobile data, or on roaming and under this setting if you want them to be downloaded and saved automatically or not.

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