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The Windows Insider program for mobile devices is in its peak stage with all the polish that the OS is undergoing before it reaches the ‘final release’ stage. This has been possible with the continuous efforts Microsoft has put into building the OS with the enormous feedback the Insiders have been giving after using the preview builds. Meanwhile, Insiders from regions all around the world have been reporting that the model specific firmware updates for their Windows devices are not being largely accessible to them.

When we update mobile devices we can target devices based on the OS build version, the model, or the specific configuration down to a particular mobile operator in a particular country. Mobile operators and Windows Insiders get early access to Insider Preview builds and Cumulative Updates to test and provide feedback on our changes prior to rolling these updates out to Windows 10 devices. In cases where firmware updates affect the software that talks to a mobile operator network, our teams work closely with that mobile operator to evaluate and approve the firmware update for devices they support.

The team Microsoft has provided a worthy workaround for the Insiders while they are having their hands on permanent fix in getting a such issues fixed. Along with the Fast and Slow Rings which are currently available in the Insider program, a third mode “Production” has been added to the users of Windows 10 Mobile.

This will point your device back to the production update servers where you will be able to get any firmware updates that are available for your devices. Once you have the update you will then need to go back to the Windows Insider application and reselect the Fast or Slow ring. Please be advised, if you don’t reselect Fast or Slow with any build newer than 10586 your device will be in a state which may not receive any future Insider Preview builds or Cumulative Updates.

Full steps to complete this process are as follows:

  1. Open the Windows Insider application on your device
  2. Select “Get preview builds”
    – There will now be three options to choose from:  Insider Fast, Insider Slow, and Production
  3. Select “Production”
  4. Read the presented message and tap “accept” to confirm your selection
  5. Your device may prompt to reboot.  If not, complete a manual reboot.
  6. After the reboot, check for updates.  If available, your device will display an update to receive the newest firmware.
    – Settings > Updates & security > Phone update > (check for updates)

    – If the device shows a “no updates available” message, your device has the most recently available firmware
  7. If available, complete the update by following the on-screen directions
  8. Once installed, re-open the Windows Insider application
  9. Select your desired update ring (Insider Fast or Insider Slow) and reboot as prompted
  10. Your device now has the newest firmware available and is set to receive the next flight when launched for your selected ring


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