Windows 10 Preview for Phones

Not taking too much time, Microsoft has brought the build 10586.29 for Windows 10 Mobile to hit their servers again and by doing so, it is allowing the Insiders as well as the users of Lumia 950 and 950 XL who faced installation issues with the build to give a try and install the update again.

Previously, majority of the users reported a ‘false low storage notifications’ in which the update has been asking the users to free up space on their device to install the build when there actually is lot of room on the device to accommodate the update. The update, hence, was being stuck at 0% and some Insiders weren’t even notified about the update.

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley mentioned in a blog post that a Microsoft’s spokesperson has shared the news via email that the build is back for download and installation by the users.

“After momentarily pausing the Windows 10 Mobile update due to an issue with the update server that impacted the installation of the update on a limited number of phones, we have addressed the issue and will begin rolling out the 10586.29 update again.”

If you were one of those users who faced issues while installing build 10586.29 on your Windows Mobile, try again now and let us know how well the updated OS it worked for you!


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