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Facebook beta for Windows 10 Mobile has been updated by Microsoft lately. There is no big change log available for the app and this update majorly comes with bug fixes. One feature that has been mentioned to be improved is the contact sync feature. Compared to this minor update, the old update came with an interesting change log and brought quite a few new features too.

The change log for version of Facebook beta for Windows 10 Mobile is as follows :

  • Contact sync improvements
  • Bug fixes

If you have missed the previous update to Facebook beta, this is what the update had to offer:

  • Continuum support
  • Lock screen badge notifications
  • Bidirectional language support
  • People app integration improvements
  • Contact sync improvements
  • Localization improvements and fixes
  • Stabilization improvements
  • Fixes for notification navigation issues
  • Fixes for scaling issues
  • Bug fixes

Facebook beta for Windows 10 Mobile – Download

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