Lumia Beamer discontinued

The Lumia Beamer app for Windows Phone and the website have been discontinued to all Windows Phone users with a latest update. The update is merely to let users know that this service is no longer available.

Lumia Beamer is one of those apps by Nokia, which Microsoft has announced that it will be discontinuing, the other apps being Lumia Refocus, Lumia Storyteller and Photo beamer. All these apps were announced that they will be discontinued with effective from 30th, October but still we see this app was available until today.

After updating, when you open the app, all you get to see is a note that says Lumia Beamer bids goodbye and suggests uninstalling the app to clear the space occupied by it. For those of you are not familiar with the app, helps projecting your Windows Phone’s screen on to any display that is connected to the internet. The app was widely used for beaming photos and videos to connected laptops, desktops and even TVs which are connected to the internet.

Do you miss Lumia Beamer?

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