touch menu user interface windows 10 mobile

Left: Windows Phone 8.1                                                              Right: Windows 10 Mobile

The Touch feature in the Settings Menu of Windows 10 Mobile OS has grabbed the new user interface which makes it sync with the Windows 10 Mobile UI style. This is a minor update in the OS which can be witnessed only in the devices running Windows 10 Mobile OS and not the Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

The old UI which has the sliding boxes is now changed to slim sliding bars which were the most noticeable change in the Windows 10 Mobile OS when the first Technical Preview build was launched. There is also an update coming for the Glance feature page of the Settings menu which does exactly the same thing as that of Touch feature now. The update in the UI of this setting is going to come to all the Windows 10 Mobile users soon.

Did you notice this change in your Windows 10 Mobile device?

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