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Extras + Info for Windows Phone has been updated by Microsoft today. The app does not seem to be getting anything major from the update, even in terms of the user interface. There is an expectation that this app is soon to be renamed as Advanced Info in a update that rolls out in the future, but as of now, there is nothing of that sorts.

The version number has been upped to v3.15.4.2. There is the obvious change in the feature versions (version number improvement of Firmware Update notifier, Lumia First Use Experience, SIM Unlock and Spam Filter) and the Silent Installer information has disappeared. Other than these regular changes, there doesn’t seem to be anything that grabbed attention.  We’ll let you know if we find any and similarly if you have anything to say about the update, do not forget to put it out in the comments!

Extras + Info for Windows Phone – Download

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