Windows 10 phones 8.15.12521

Are you a Windows Insider? That’s great! You should have been already testing all the new goodies that come with Windows 10 Mobile via the Technical Preview. But even if you aren’t do not feel otherwise. Insider or not, now you get to know all those big features and major improvements that have been brought to Windows 10 Mobile OS – all at one place.

Microsoft now provides all the necessary information regarding Windows 10 Mobile OS on its website explaining about all the details that come with the all new OS. The company has been beta testing the OS along with its Insider public all this long, receiving feedback – both positive and negative- and constantly improving the quality of the mobile OS.  While the desktop version Windows 10 has made its official public entry, the mobile counterpart still seems to take a little more time.

For all of us out here, the official change-log for Windows 10 Mobile by Microsoft is now out in the open. If you are not very much aware of the new Mail ad Calendar app, all-in-one Photos app, the Windows 10 Camera app, the new user interface, ever active Cortana, the all new Microsoft Edge browser and many more features and how they can increase your day-to-day productivity along with balancing your fun angle, you can dive into the whole list of changes and videos about Windows 10 Mobile on the Microsoft website.

In case you aren’t clear about any of the feature on Windows 10 Mobile, please feel free to drop a comment here about it and we will be happy to explain!

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