The private WhatsApp beta software for Windows Phone has received an update and brought quite many new features. The update has changed the version of the app to 2.12.190. Most of the features that have been introduced to the beta version of WhatsApp have been eventually added to the public version of the app for Windows Phone after successful testing.

The latest update to WhatsApp beta has brought the ability to star messages that the user wants to. This is similar to adding photo favourites, except that in this case, we favourite messages. You can view how many messages from a particular chat you have starred in the contact card of that person/group. And then when you click on it, it displays all the starred messages from that chat.

whatsapp beta 2.12.90

There is also a new user interface to capture photos and video that has been brought by this update. To capture a photo, we need to tap on the camera icon as usual. To record a video, user needs to hold on that camera icon for a while to enter the video mode and start recording.

Another useful feature that has come with this update is the feature of voice message files being saved under a PTT folder under Pictures -> WhatsApp. These can be played easily via a file explorer as they come with a .wap extension.


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