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There is a possibility of a new build of Windows 10 Mobile coming this week for Windows Insiders. The word came out from the twitter account of Gabriel Aul who heads the Windows Insider program at Microsoft.

He said that they are testing a couple of builds which look good so far in the internal rings and if everything goes well, they will let them out for public release later this week.

Windows 10 Mobile new build

Right now, build 10582 is the latest version of the Windows 10 Insider Preview that has been released as a public update. This update has been critical since one main functionality it has got to perform was the fixing of the bug that prevented Windows Insiders from getting any further updates about Windows 10 builds. This problem started with build 10574.4 and whoever wanted to upgrade further had to revert back to Windows Phone 8.1, install Windows Insider, join the fast Ring and start over again. 10582 came with an internal fix which brought all the confusion of Insiders to an end.

So it’s our turn now to wait and see if there is any build coming our way this week. Stay with us for more news.


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