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Windows Insider app for Windows Phone has been updated lately, changing the version from 1.3.230 .21 to There is no noticeable change-log posted on the app page in the Store, so there is no idea of what new features or changes the update has brought to the app. So for now, we’re assuming it’s just another performance enhancing and bug fixing update.

For those of you who do not use, Windows Insider app is the only gateway that allows users to switch from Windows Phone 8.1 to the Technical Preview of Windows 10 Mobile, where they get to try out new build as they get released out to the public after they have been tested internally.

And when you do test the new preview builds of Windows 10 Mobile, you get to provide your feedback back to Microsoft making them notice just any other issues the users are facing with the builds, so they can provide a fix for them with the next build or as immediately as possible. Right now, the build 10572 is the latest preview build available for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring.

To know more about the program or to register yourself as a Windows Insider (if you haven’t till now), head over to and check out the information.

Windows Insider for Windows Phone – Microsoft Store

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