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Android Marshmallow has brought with it many improvements to what Lollipop has renewed for Android, and one among those is the control over app permissions to the user. This was unexpected until it was announced but every bit of it is welcome by all the Android users around the globe.

Previous case with the app permissions on Android was that, where the user would be asked at the beginning of installation of an app and given only two choices : Allow it or Deny it wherein denying that particular permission to that app results in no chance of being able to install that app on our Android devices. But with Marshmallow, situations have changed. Power is in the user’s hand who could choose which permissions he can allow to the apps he/she wants to and also when.

The other part of app permissions on Marshmallow is that you do not have to choose to allow or deny a permission that an app is requesting for right at the time of installation of that app. For example, some apps require microphone access only when the need arises and the user may get a request to allow the permission just at that time This makes the process of apps using various features on the device more transparent.

Sometimes, you may wish to turn off the access to a particular feature in your device to an app, which you have previously granted the request. Or you might want to allow some more permissions to that app. You could always have this choice of changing app permissions on Marshmallow by moving into device’s settings corner. Go to Settings – > Apps. Tap on any app that you would like to edit the permissions for, and  then select app permissions. You would have the list of all those features that the app wants to use on your device for it to function completely. You as a user always have the choice to allow or deny any permission on that list as you may feel to, as long as the app is installed on your device.

There’s another way round to do this. Instead of checking which features of your device a particular app has permissions to, you could as well check which features of your device are accessible by which apps on your device. For example, if you want to know which all apps on your device has access to your location, contact list or camera, instead of tapping on any single app in the app list, tap on the overflow menu at the top-right corner of the Apps page in settings menu. Then tap on app permissions. You would be displayed a full list of features of your device that can be accessed by various apps that you have installed. Tap on any one of them and you will get the list of all the apps installed on your device that have access to those features.

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