Windows 10 Mobile10572

Microsoft has released a new build 10572 for Windows 10 Mobile for those users who have enrolled themselves in the Fast Ring in the Windows Insider program. Microsoft announced the news on Windows Blog mentioning about the bug in build 10549.4 which prevented users from receiving further updates and how if they now want to try out any later builds, they would have to revet back to WP 8.1 and install the Insider app, choose the Fast ring and check for updates all over again.

Gabriel Aul mentioned in the blog post that builds later than 10575 will have the fix for this particular bug.  So if you want to try out this new build 10572 on your Windows Mobile and if you are already running 10549.4 on your mobile, then you need to go back to Windows Phone 8.1. And if you don’t want to do so, then you need to wait till build 10575 is released along with the fix. Coming to what is new with this build, here come a lot of new features, fixes and improvements.

Cortana windows 10 mobile 10572

  1. Cortana can now notify you on your PC about all the calls that you have missed on your mobile, provided your PC is running Windows 10 with build 10565 or higher and you are using the same Microsoft account on both your PC and Windows 10 Mobile. You can be able to text directly from your PC to that particular person whose call you have missed and Cortana will be ready to send it.
    Even if yu don’t have any missed calls, if you feel like texting to any person from your contacts, speak or type “Text” and say the name of the contact and Cortana will be ready in an instant to take your message and send it to that person.
  2. Skype Apps are completely integrated via this build and the Skype Messaging app now supports GIF images and search support for messages.
  3. Cortana has got a number of improvements with this build. It can now help tracking different reminders and keep a note of your leisure time and also now supports booking an Uber cab directly from inside Cortana just by saying “Book an Uber”.
  4. Maps can now be saved to offline and that too to SD card!
  5. Photos app now supports shuffling of favourite photos on Live Tile on the Start screen. File information of the Photos, zooming performance and rich editing has been improved.
  6. Storage settings improvements is a new addition that allow users to have a common experience between PC and mobile.

    We have enabled the number one user feedback item for the storage settings page to allow you to install applications to expanded storage such as and SD card or USB drive on BOTH your phone and PC. You can also check out these updated storage settings in Build 10565 for PC we released last week.



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