Facebook beta windows 10 mobile

Image: Twitter @vitorgrs

Windows 10 Mobile devices received an update for Facebook beta which came with a new UI. The update upped the version of the app from v8.3.6.2 to v10.0.0. There have been a handful of changes with the redesigned UI taking the first place.

The way the app gets displayed and works within seems to be changed totally and even the send buttons have been changed to a paper rocket design as in the case of Android or  in the Telegram messenger app on Windows Phone. Support for displaying stickers in comments has been added, which was a missing feature in the app so far.

The change-log for the app update includes:

  • New visual look
  • Ability to see stickers in comments
  • New animations while opening and closing pictures
  • Support for interactive notifications

Download Facebook beta for Windows 10 Mobile

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