WhatsApp 2.12.312 android

WhatsApp has updated its app on Android to version 2.12.309 where the URL’s shared by users get an image or icon preview, named the rich link preview option. The app has been quickly updated to 2.12.311 and then to 2.12.312 with no additional features, may be probably for minor bug fixes.

Whenever you send in a link to a website or a YouTube video or twitter status, an image or icon related to that particular URL will be displayed as a thumbnail with the title of the URL along with the URL itself in the bottom line. If there is no image/icon. the title of the url will be displyed with the URL at the bottom. A preview for image links does not seem to appear.

As of now, this feature is only on the sender’s side, meaning the preview of the icon or image appears only to the sender and the receiver on the end could see only the plain URL. Likewise if the person on the other side sends you a link, they could see the image preview while you receive only the plain URL text.

Download v2.12.312 from the official site of WhatsApp here

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