Lumia 950 xl glance screen

Microsoft announced Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, its latest flagships, at the event in New York City on 6th October last week. Both the devices come with impressive hardware and get released running on Windows 10 Mobile out of the box.

Out of all the hardware specifications of both the devices,one was the Glance screen feature. For those of you who aren’t aware. Glance screen feature on a Windows Phone, as the name suggests, allows users to have a glance at their notifications – the number of messages, missed calls, emails, app notifications etc. – by just the wave of their hand above the phone’s screen. Additionally, user could set a custom picture as the background to their glance screen. To detect the motion of the hand above the device, it needs to have a sensor and not all of the Windows Phones released till date have this feature. And even if some did, the set background picture on the phone would be displayed only in black and white along with showing the notifications.

The latest flagships announced now are said to be having the support where Glance screen could display the colour background pictures, instead of plain grayscale. From the screenshot above, we can see that the settings under Glance have been upgraded.


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