Google App v5.4 new

Google App on Android has been updated to version 5.4 yesterday. There came a few changes with the update but mainly the update seemed to be concentrating on bug fixes and improvements.

Google App v5.4

First of all, the card sliding animation bug which introduced a grey colour box to the left of the card whenever it was swiped away, which came with the update v5.3 was fixed and removed now. This is a good thing as the grey card seems a little disturbing while reading the card.

Google App v5.4 places1

Next thing is the settings Place preferences. Locations of the user’s home and work can be saved by going into “Customize” through the navigation drawer. It is said that the address of these locations will be used to assess the travel time taken and to report any other useful information to the user.

Google App v5.4 places

If your device did not receive the update in your region,  head over to the link below to APK Mirror and download the .apk file.

Google App v5.4 – Download from APK Mirror


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