WhastApp new strings for carriers blocking VOIP calls

WhatsApp has sent out an email to its official translators today asking to translate a few new strings that it seems to be incorporating into the app – first to the beta version, obviously – after translating successfully.

he new strings that have been asked to translate are concerned with the anticipated carrier’s restriction to object/block VOIP calls via WhatsApp. To get ready for that in case that ever happens, WhatsApp is coming up with some text strings and is in process of getting them translated. The following are the strings :

  • Could not place call Because your phone’s cellular network Prevents WhatsApp calls. Try connecting to Wi-Fi and call again .
  • Could not place call Because your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network That Prevents WhatsApp calls. Connect to a different network or turn Wi-Fi off .
  • Your Mobile Carrier does not support WhatsApp calls. Try switching to the mobile carrier or connect to another Wi-Fi .
  • Your Wi-Fi network does not support WhatsApp calls. Try switching to another Wi-Fi network or turn off Wi-Fi and use your mobile data connection .
  • {0} ‘s the mobile carrier or Wi-Fi network does not support WhatsApp calls .

The screenshot of the mail shown above shows all these strings ad asks them to be translated into italic. We have to wait and see if these get implemented in the app, at least in the the beta version for starters.

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