WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone devices – both the Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1 – has grabbed another update with version number 2.12.152 . It seems like the developers of the app are on a roll trying and testing new features and improvements for the app.

The previous update to this beta version of WhatsApp has got the flexibility of running in the background , i.e not getting exitedwhen the back button is pressed. It seems that this background running feature has been removed by the latest update, which can be the result of testing and unsatisfactory results in the beta app. It could make its entry to the app again, we never know. After all, this is beta.


The latest update improved the search functionality of the app. When you type a keyword in the search bar, the number of results containing that particular word in the chats as well as favourites will be displayed in brackets alongside.

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