WhatsApp beta Windows Phone

WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone has received an update, increasing the version number to 2.12.144.  This update brought the following minor change log for Windows 10 Mobile OS among which are

  • decrease in the time taken for the app to start
  • other bug fixes

The beta version recently gained support for Windows 10 Mobile OS and however, developers team at WhastApp said a while ago that the app would be made fully compatible with the OS once it is publicly released.

The previous update of WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone is a major one which included many improvements:

  • Solved the problem of displaying wrong emoticons (now will be shown in preview properly)
  • Greatly improved the experience when using Windows Mobile 10
  • New “Select messages” in the app bar conversations
  • New Sound for incoming messages when using the application (from different conversations)
  • The ability to activate or deactivate the Sound
  • Added new option to quickly change their status

It is expected that these new features will arrive soon to the public version of the app. What do you think?


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