Extras & Info for Windows Phone has received a minor update today changing the version number to The update doesn’t do much for Windows Phone 8.1 users except a little change in the UI but it brings a noticeable change to the app in Windows 10 Mobile.

For Windows 10 Mobile users, after updating the app the UI is changed to sync along with the rest of the settings of the OS and the “Lumia Denim” has been replaced with “Windows 10 Mobile” showing that the app is now completely supported on Windows 10 Mobile OS. However, change of the name as such doesn’t bring any new features. Down here are the before and after update screenshots of the app on Windows Phone 8.1 from which one can notice the little difference.





Extras & Info is an app that provides users a slight insight of the hardware and software of the device they are using. It shows information of the firmware the device is running as the main heading, where usually Lumia Black, Cyan, Denim and now Lumia Windows 10 will be seen.

Head over tot he Windows Store on your device and check for updates to get the latest version of Extras & Info for Windows Phone 8.1 as well as Windows 10 Mobile.

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