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Image: Android Police

Google App for Android has been updated to bring some tweaks to the existing Google Now launcher and home screen. The app drawer or the menu icon on the home screen launches the list of apps and that is a known fact. The menu icon also does one more task with the new update – when you press and hold on it for a while, an immediate search bar opens up which allows you to search for apps in your app list.

And coming to the single tap on the menu icon that launches the list of all the apps on the device, the update allows the users to scroll vertically rather than horizontally – a feature which prevailed before Android 4.0. This brings a marshmallow effect to the device.

These features come with the latest version of the Google app and Google Now launcher ( If the app in Google Play of your region hasn’t received any update yet, you could head over to APK Mirror and download the .apk file to intsall the latest version on your Android device.

Google App from APK Mirror – Download

Google App from Google Play – Download

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