Win 10 Mobile 10536

Microsoft’s new build 10536 of Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview was released to public yesterday and although it came with a number of improvements and additions, it was also still not very issue free. Language packs and keyboards were not included into the update that rolled out to the Insiders in the Fast Ring of the Windows Insiders program yesterday.

Today comes an announcement from Gabriel Aul that these missing language packs and keyboards are now available to download with a new update, of the same build of course.

You may go ahead and download that update of build 10536 on your Windows Phone via the Windows Insiders program. However there are words of caution from Gabriel Aul telling NOT TO install this particular build on unsupported Windows Phones as you would be causing the phone not to work and then you have to re-flash it.

If you are a Windows Insider running build 10512, then you would have to check and update your device multiple times. Firstly, you would be getting the update of build 10514 and after that has been installed, when you check for updates, you would be getting an update for build 10536.1000. After this also is downloaded and installed on your device, you may go check for updates and you will find an update for build 10536.1004 waiting.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to go through all of this, you can go back to Windows Phone 8.1 through the Recovery Tool, download Windows Insiders app again and upgrade your device directly to build 10536.1004.


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