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If you use the mobile website of Facebook – m.facebook.com – on your Android device, now you can have the option of receiving push notifications from Facebook to your device via Chrome.

Google announced this kind of third party push notifications back in April and also mentioned that eBay and Vice News are going to bring this feature to Android. Now Facebook has rolled it out to users of Android. Hereafter whenever you visit m.facebook.com in Chrome on your Android device, you will be asked once if you want notifications to be sent to your device via Chrome. You can either accept it or tap on “Block”.

If you are wondering why you might want to use the mobile website of Facebook when you can already have the official app installed on your device, using the mobile website consumes lesser data than what is consumed when the app is used.

Facebook’s product manager on browser partnerships Jonathan McKay tells me that already, “We’ve seen an increase in visitation from launching push notifications.” Push via Chrome is “a great lever for re-engagement to the site [from]…people who might not use Facebook as much”, McKay explains. “This is pushing the best content out to them so they don’t have to proactively go to the service.”

What do you think of the new feature rolled out by Facebook?


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