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It was announced long back that Microsoft is trying to make it possible that all the current Windows Phone 8.1 devices will be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile. As of now, all of the Lumia devices, except the Lumia 530, can be able to run Windows 10 Mobile technical preview builds through the Windows Insider program but we never exactly know which will be those devices which can face the anger of not entering the Windows 10 Mobile zone, until the word officially comes out.

Now it seems like the word is officially coming out – via Microsoft Store website, where Microsoft listed out some devices under “Windows 10 Mobile Ready” tag. Only a few devices are listed there and all of them are the ones which have been recently launched. So does this mean only these would be getting the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade? We can’t assume so because, of the listed devices none of them is a flagship except for Lumia 830 and so it is not rational to think that no other flagship of the Lumia line would be getting Windows 10 Mobile.

Also, if you would see, Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 are two similar devices in the matter of specifications, except for the 4G connectivity in Lumia 635 and yet, only Lumia 635 is on the list and not the former. Do you think not having 4G connectivity would have anything to do with preventing a device from getting Windows 10 Mobile upgrade?

So it could be assumed that Microsoft is trying to bring these newly launched devices into more light so that they could be seen and bought by more people over  the world if they can make them believe these devices have at least a slight advantage than the rest. What do you think would be the reason only a few devices are listed as Windows 10 Mobile ready?

Yet, for your information, visit Microsoft Store US and UK websites to see what devices are listed as “Windows 10 Ready”, from the links below.

Microsoft Store US

Microsoft Store UK

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