After yesterday’s big poll on whether Windows Insiders like to have a new Windows 10 Mobile build (10536) on their devices despite of that build having a bug or rather wait until the fix, Gabriel Aul of Microsoft announced on twitter that they have decided to go with the user’s decision – to release the build without the fix.

The said bug actually is a minor one which will crash the Store during app purchases and this, it was told, happens due to memory pressure. Aul also provided the workaround to it – reboot the phone and purchase the app or buy on PC. So they help up a poll and asked if the Insiders want the build to be released Friday this week (without the fix) or on Tuesday next week (with fix). 85% of the voters voted for Friday and when it was thought everything was good to go,there comes a bad news from Gabriel Aul saying that they have discovered a new bug in the build 10536 which does not allow the device to install any builder that get released after 10536, meaning no new build for you in future if you are running 10536 unless you roll back to WP8.1 and join the Insider app again at the time of release of new future build.

Windows 10 Mobile 10536

However, some Insiders have got 10536 build update on their devices and the screenshot above is from one of such users who posted it on twitter today. In case you are also once receiving an update notification,  make sure you do not update your device as of now and until we get a confirmation that it is safe to install. otherwise, you’d be needing to flash your device with the recovery tool again.

Seeing the brighter side, this is a good news as it was actually discovered before the build got released out to public. And oh, another good news is that we will be having a build release next week.


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