Windows 10 Mobile 4g in India

Microsoft reportedly is getting ready to launch Windows Phones that support 4G connectivity in India. Presently we have Airtel and Reliance providing 4G connectivity service in most of the parts of the country, and its expansion to other regions as well is expected.

By this year’s end, Microsoft is expected to roll out its latest OS, Windows 10 Mobile, for all the compatible Windows Phones till date. And also, new flagships from the company are expected to be announced later this year with Windows 10 Mobile as the default operating system.

Ajay Mehta, Manager of Microsoft Mobile devices, India told to ET that soon a LTE version of Lumia 640XL will be released in the country and new devices too, preparing to be released by Diwali, which support all types of 4G services in the country.

Microsoft currently has only one dual-band 4G smartphone, Lumia 638. It has enabled seven of its smartphones with 4G capability through a software upgrade, but these models support only one band of 4G – FDDLTE on 1800 Mhz. Airtel offers service on this band in some circles.

The upcoming mobile devices from Microsoft are said to support both the FDD (1800 mHz) as well as the TDD (2300mHz) LTE bands in the country.

Do you think this will be a welcoming change for Indian users by Microsoft?


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