Android 6.0 translator

All this while to find the translation of any text you find on your phone, be it in Chrome, an app or even text messages, you have to copy it first then switch to Google translator, paste it there and then hit translate. All this will change with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The new developer preview of Android 6.0 comes with this new feature and it works only if you have the said developer preview as well as Google Translate version 4.3 running on your Android device.

For any text translation, all you need to do is tap the word and select it. From the direct options available, Translate appears to be one. Hit it and you’ll get it translated to your desired language.

Right now this is only available on devices running the Preview, but it will be coming to all once Android 6.0 is made public and starts rolling out to all compatible devices. What do you think of the improvement?


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