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Microsoft earlier this year made a statement that it is in plans of bringing Windows 10 Mobile OS to Xiaomi Mobiles by announcing their partnership with Xiaomi.

Xiaomi, as we all know, manufactured Android powered devices till now and this is going to change with the arrival of Windows 10 Mobile ROM to its devices. Microsoft has already developed a compatible ROM to work on Xiaomi devices and this is available as of now to only a particular set of select users.

A new video showing off the Xiaomi Mi 4 running the Windows 10 Mobile build 10240 has come up on a Chinese video website Youku, which you can have a look at below:

As the Windows 10 Mobile builds are only in the Preview version as of now, we can see much smoother and improved build to be running on the Xiaomi devices when the official release of Windows 10 Mobile happens. What do you think of it?



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