Android Pay

The latest of Google Play is here and has been rolling out to Android users world wide since Friday. The major feature that comes with this update is Android Pay, which Google has announced earlier in its Google I/O 2015.

Tough not fully functional from end-to-end, Android Pay  has finally made its entrance into Google Play. The server side interface of Android Pay still hasn’t been activated and that is the reason for it being not usable in its desired manner. However, the user interface and its other features can be looked into, meaning users can install Google Wallet from Play Store (if it hasn’t been installed yet), and try to set up their default payment mode by entering their credit/debit card details but before the details get successfully saved and your default payment mode gets updated, the process fails because of the reason said above : the server side settings aren’t active yet. But you at least get to see how things work so far.


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