WhatsApp 2.11.670 Windows Phone

The popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp has grabbed another update for Windows Phone. This time it is nothing major like the previous update which brought many new features that the private beta version had been getting via its respective updates and improvements to the existing features.

The latest update ups the version of the app to 2.12.122 and brings only the usual improvements and bug fixes. The previous update, with version number 2.12.112, brought new emojis and improved  many of the existing ones with a wide range of skin tones. Other features like lowering the data usage during WhatsApp calls, ability to select multiple messages in a chat to copy/forward/delete them at once, ability to mark chats as read or unread just as in mail and custom notifications for individual chats have been part of this update.

A little later,a similar update was released to the Android version of WhatsApp which also became the version to update the seemingly stuck app in Google Play.

Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone – Microsoft Store

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