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WhatsApp for Android has received an update today, upping the version to 2.12.252 and bringing quite a few features which will be very well received by the users. A similar update has rolled out to Windows Phone variant of WhatsApp in the last week and it is surprising to see that WhatsApp for Windows Phone is the one to receive the update first before Android considering that the opposite happens most of the time.

Coming to the update, the features included in this latest version, which will also be available via the Google Play Store, are what the beta version has been getting so far. WhatsApp for Android now gives its users the ability to mute individual chats as well (this option was only available for group chats till now). You get to customize notifications for individual chats as well. You could also mark conversations as read or unread, just like you do in your emails. Good, right?

Then there are emojis. Plenty of them. There are new emojis as well as many of the old emojis which are now available in a range of skin tones. Just tap and hold on one of these emojis and you would just wait for a while before you choose one among them. There is just about every skin color for these particular set of emojis.

If you are among those who thought WhatsApp calls are not very economical as they consume a lot of data, then you could turn on the “Lower data usage” feature in the Settings -> Calls of your WhatsApp 2.12.252.

The complete changelog is as below :

  • Per chat custom notification settings and mute
  • Mark chats as unread or read
  • Added new emoji. You can also tap and hold on some emoji to choose a different color.
  • When receiving a contact card, you can now quickly message or save the contact if they’re on WhatsApp
  • Lower the data usage used during WhatsApp calls in Settings > Chats and Calls
  • Language support for Urdu and Bengali

If the Play Store in your region is not yet updated with the latest version, you could head over to the official link mentioned below and install it happily.

WhatsApp 2.12.252 for Android – Download

WhatsApp for Android – Google Play

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