Android Marshmallow

It was a four days ago that the world came to know the dessert that the next Android update is going to be named after (Marshmallow), the version number of the announced Android M (6.0) and a 50 second video of the official unveiling of the new Android Marshmallow statue.

Google has also released a few of Android MArshmallow themed wallpapers for users to get the look and feel of it, even if it only ont he home screen. Sized at 4.1 MB, there are a total of nine wallpapers, a few of which are graphic designs, and the rest are of images from Google earth and photographs of different landscapes, in the zipped folder by Google.

It is not an app or any other software, it just is a bunch of images in a zip folder that you could download on to your PC or smartphone, unzip and save the pictures in your device’s gallery and set any of it as wallpaper any time you like. That’s basically it.

Android Marshmallow Wallpapers – Download


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