WhatsApp send mp3 windows phone

WhatsApp calling feature is that one big update which pretty much every smartphone user was badly waiting for. There was a delay between the feature’s entry to different OSes. but there it came. And now, its the turn of the yet-to-be final Windows 10 Mobile OS to get the WhatsApp calling feature.

The VoIP WhatsApp calling has been there in Windows Phone 8.1 since a couple of months or so but it has only come with a recent update for the Technical Preview of the most awaited Windows 10 Mobile.  The feature works in the same way for Windows 10 Mobile as it works for Windows Phone 8.1, so if you are a Windows Insider using the Technical Preview of Windows 10 Mobile, then head to the Windows Store and grab the update if you did not yet.

WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile – Download from Windows Store

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