WhatsApp Google Drive backup

It’s been quite a few days since the backup to Google Drive option went missing from WhatsApp to most of the Android users. There are also some of the users, who say they still are able to see it in their devices and there are some users who say that it has reappeared but then gone again.

The official statement from WhatsApp finally says that the version 2.12.233 of the ap removed the Google Drive backup option while the version 235 added it again. And the version 236 removed it again. Rolling eyes? Well, it happens. However, the confusion is now going to come to an end as WhatsApp says the feature will indeed be available to all Android users but will be rolling out slowly over the next few updates so if you do not see it yet, you should not be worrying.

For those of who are unaware, WhatsApp has rolled out the “Backup to Google Drive” option with the update of 2.12.45 version of WhatsApp long back in April. If you are not using the feature and want to know how to use it, head over to this link and you’ll know how.

Oh, and if you really are in need of the backup to Drive option in your device, then you need to uninstall the current newest version of WhatsApp in your device and get the 2.12.231 version installed in place of it.


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