Android M name

Do you have any idea about what M in Android M stands for? There are a ton of guesses from people all over the world but to make things easy, or more exiting as it may suggest, employees of Google, Nat and Lo have a slight hint for us in the form of a video.

Back in Google I/O 2014 when Google announced Android L, we only had one question: what is L named after? That is because we all are aware of the fat that it would surely be Android 5.0. But in the case of Android M, we neither know the version umber of M nor what dessert it is named after.

The video by Nat and Lo of Google accompanied by a song giving out possibilities of what M will be named after and, here comes the interesting part, at the end of the video the next statue of Android is shown spray-painted white, which indicates to a major percentage that M is going to be named Marshmallow.

Well, there are also other popular guesses like Muffin and Milky way out there. But we never know, until Google itself comes out and announces. So till then, see the video and happy guessing!

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