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Yesterday the news of build 10512 being the probable next public release of Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview got out and today it’s the turn of the screenshots of build 10512 to get out online. a Images and screenshots of Lumia 929 running this yet to be released build have shown up on Chinese website Baidu.

Getting close to the release date of the official Windows 10 Mobile, it seems from the screenshots that Microsoft doesn’t seem to implement any new features in the upcoming build 10512. The focus seems to be rather on improving the existing features and making them as free from issues as possible. The screenshots show the start screen, the app list, about phone page from the setting showing the version number of the upcoming update to the Windows Mobile Insiders.

There is no particular date or time announced for the next update for Windows 10 Mobile technical Preview, but the last time Gabriel Aul mentioned about a new update, he said it would be coming very soon. There are expectation for the update to hit the public by the end of this week, we just have to wait and watch.


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