Google Play v5.8.8 Android

Google Play for Android devices has been updated and the update brings it up to the version number 5.8.8. There are not a lot of changes in this update but the design has been tweaked a little by the addition of hamburger menu animation.

The hamburger menu icon now has an animation as it rotates back and forth as being the three lines menu icon and/or the back arrow icon depending on what page the user is navigating to or from.

The images above show the transformation of the hamburger menu icon tot he back arrow icon as the user navigates from one page to another.

the APK for Google Play services 5.8.8 is available on APK mirror. You can head over to the link given below and install the latest Play Store on your Android or wait until Google sends an update to your device.

Google Play v5.8.8 – APK Mirror

Install the app and let us know how u like the new hamburger menu icon animation.

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