It may take a while for Microsoft to let out project Astoria, which allows developers to reuse the code of their Android apps to make them usable for Windows devices, to the public but as with most of the things related to mobile devices, there’s now a side way to load Android apps on to your Windows device as long as it is running on Windows 10 Mobile.

The supported devices as of now for this method of installing Android apps in Windows 10 Mobile are:

– Nokia Lumia 920

– Nokia Lumia 925

– Nokia Lumia 929 (icon)

– Nokia Lumia 830

– Nokia Lumia 930

– Nokia Lumia 1520

– Nokia Lumia 635 (1GB RAM variant)

– Nokia Lumia 730

– Nokia Lumia 820

– Nokia Lumia 435

– Nokia Lumia 928

Now all you need to have to get Android apps working on your Windows 10 Mobile are:

two tools wconnect and adb which you can download from here

– APK of an Android app. Remember that it is not legal to get APKs of apps without permission of the developer. You could use one of the many Android APKs which are available from APK mirror as the apps there are safe to install.

– a compatible USB cable to connect your phone to your PC

Given is a detailed step-by-step video by the folks at WPXBOX on how to install Android apps on Windows Phone devices.

Before proceeding, remember that there is always the risk of damaging your device however minor may the percentage of the risk be. So proceed at your own risk.

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