The private beta version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone has scored another update with version number 2.12.100 and seems to be continually improving the newly added features of the app. VoIP calling, which is one of the major features that WhatsApp for Windows Phone has received, has got some additional touch-ups with this latest update to the beta.

When the VoIP calling feature was introduced by WhatsApp first, even before the feature was launched to Windows Phone, when it was new to Android, there have been several discussions about how much data is actually a call is taking up and is it really advantageous compared to the traditional carrier supported calling. Advantageous or not, the traditional calls through carriers will obviously be the most used medium of call communication, of course. There have been conclusions made by comparing the cost of a call made WhatsApp and through respective carriers (by various tests) that the WhatsApp calling has been consuming more data than expected and hence is not very much economical compared to the regular calls made through carriers.

WhatsApp beta 2.12.100


Image: WMPowerUser

Whatever might the conclusions be, WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone now has an additional facility to show the user how much data a particular call has consumed on his device. This has to give more than a little insight on how much the user would be spending if he goes for VoIP calls very much.

There has been another feature added to the beta of WhatsApp for Windows Phone which allows users to customize and set different ringtones for their WhatsApp calls.

The updates to the beta app are regular and fast these days and given the condition, it can be expected that WhatsApp is soon going to overhaul users of public version of WhatsApp with many desirable features which are currently in beta testing.

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