Windows 10 Mobile build 10420

A latest build 10240 of Windows 10 Mobile has gout out on the internet via a leak and this particular build seems only compatible for the Lumia 640, 640 XL and Lumia 930. However, Gabriel Aul of Microsoft has mentioned that this build which has got leaked has a major bug and that’s the reason why it did not make it to the official release in the first place.

All of this could mean only one thing – danger, all in capital letters, if you are having any thoughts about getting the leaked build installed on to your Windows Phone. There will still be a few very enthusiastic users who want to get their hands on the latest build before a stable official build release takes place, and that’s the reason the link to the leaked build is not being mentioned anywhere by websites that report mobile phone news and so are we. Also, any mention to the ROM previously is deleted almost immediately after realizing its capability of causing potential harm.

Gabriel Aul has also mentioned that a stable build, newer than the build 10240 is in world and will be released officially to the Insiders in a ‘few more days’. So the best way would be to keep your Phones away and safe from such leaked builds that aren’t released officially, wait for the official build and meanwhile keep checking out or blog for the news of any new build coming your way-officially though.


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