Google Play Store v5.4

Google Play had dropped the minimum price and increased the price range for app and in-app purchases in India. The minimum price which used to be INR 50, which, from the average Indian user point of view, can be considered as a little on the high side, is now dropped to INR 10.

While India being one of those markets with a huge user base for Android, the old price limit can actually be limiting most of the users from trying the paid apps or going for the in-app purchases. With the minimum price decreased to a very nominal amount now, it can be hoped that there would be more involvement of the Indian Android users towards the paid-apps, although this does not necessarily mean every single paid app out there in the Play Store can be tried for this minimum price.

If you want to adjust the prices of your apps or in-app products for users in India, select an app and click Pricing & Distribution or In-app Products on the left menu in the Google Play Developer Console.

And there is also the problem of lack of support for debit cards- unlike many countries, India does not have carrier billing and any kind of purchases are only possible through the user’s bank account. However, only a few renowned banks’ cards are able to pass through the payment method in Google Play and this really does drain out the interest of those users who are willing to pay for the apps they wished to use. Google’s decision of dropping the minimum price for paid apps does not solve this problem but at least the users who have the privilege of being able to successfully make a purchase can now do so without thinking much about the price.


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