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Windows 10 Mobile, the big update users are eagerly waiting to get their hands-on, or exactly to say, their phones on, seems to have a fair chance of coming up with still more features than what it is featuring now in the Technical Preview program for Windows Insiders. The Verge had all the pleasure of interviewing Microsoft’s execs and getting as much as information they could give out.

As far as the excerpt of the interview where Windows 10 Mobile is concerned, Joe Belfiore who takes care of customization of Windows for PC, phone and tablets, says “The phone is significantly feature complete, but we’ll continue to polish and tweak and iterate the things that still need to work. We’ll put features in right up near the end. But in general, the broad feature set is set.”

Belfiore adds that he doesn’t expect to see the platform change again, in the same way it has before. The disappointment Windows Phone users had to face when it was out that Windows Phone 7 couldn’t upgrade to Windows Phone 8, is surely not going to be repeated, meaning which all the phones from Microsoft that are currently running on Windows Phone 8.1 will surely have a bright to 100% chance to upgrade to Windows 10 for now.

He also says “Our strategic belief is, if we have a big audience of people… then developers will put apps in that store because there will be demand.”

Speaking of new devices, Terry Myerson, head of Windows said “We are going to focus on a few great devices and the most notable being that premium consumer category. The direction we will head is the premium-branded lineup. The goal is to have one Microsoft device family that plays this role in the Windows ecosystem.” Does that mean any other brand of Windows Phone devices is coming up besides the Lumia? We just have to wait until the word comes out. However, Myerson assures that one new Windows Phone device is coming this year, and probably two, but one is for sure.

Well, what do you think is the future of Windows 10 Mobile?

Read the whole excerpt of the interview about Windows 10 from The Verge here

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