Windows 10 Mobile hardware requirements

Windows 10 Mobile has been a topic in discussion since there was an announcement that its Technical Preview will be able to be used by the users and decide for themselves what’s hot and not in it. The first among the talk was which devices would be supported for the latest OS version from Microsoft.

With the second Technical Preview update of Windows 10 Mobile for the Windows Insiders, Microsoft has not failed to list out almost all the Windows Phone devices as eligible for the Preview. And now, Microsoft confirms what the minimum hardware requirements of a device should be to run Windows 10 Mobile.

According to the listed details, the minimum that a Windows Phone needs to run Windows 10 mobile is a 512 MB RAM, 4GB of internal storage, 800×480 resolution display, rear facing camera, optional front facing camera, with a processor from any of the manufacturers listed by Microsoft. Features like Bluetooth and NFC and various sensors are totally optional.

Apart from telling almost all the present Windows Phone devices running on Windows Phone 8.1 would be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, these details also throw some light on what could be the very low-end phone Microsoft could release with its capability for running on Windows 10 Mobile staying very much full.

You could go the link mentioned in the source below to get to a full length detail by Microsoft.


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