Android M developer preview

Android M has been in the developer testing since it was announced this May by Google and there has also been a first update to the Android M developer version last week. Many of the Nexus devices (Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player) have the access to the developer preview of M and they will be the first ones to get the actual release too, when the update hits the public. Apart from Nexus devices, which Android devices will be getting Android M update? The following are the list of devices that are said to be receiving the Android M update once it becomes available to the public.

Official words first, HTC has announced out to the public saying the the HTC M9 and M9+ will be getting the Android M update with more devices to follow.

Samsung, one of the major players in Android market did not make any official comment on the M release, but there has been news  around claiming that the following devices will be getting the update:

– Galaxy S6

– Galaxy S6 Edge

– Galaxy S6 Duos

– Galaxy Note 4

– Galaxy Note 4 Duos

– Galaxy Note Edge

– Galaxy Alpha

– Galaxy Tab A

Motorola, which has gone to be a part of by Lenovo recently, also has it’s flagship devices, Moto X (2014 and 2013) along with Moto G (2014 and 2013) as well as Moto E are expected to receive the update.

Sony also hasn’t let out any word on the M update as well. But the flagship devices Xperia Z3, Z3+ and Xperia tablet Z4 will be among the Sony devices to get to the M update.

Most certainly all the flagships and other major devices from the smartphone manufacturing companies, along with the Android One phones (as promised by Google) will be upgraded to M, just like the Android Lollipop update. Is your Android among the ones listed above?


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