Android M

Android M, the next big release of Android by Google, which is still in testing in the developer preview has received its first ever update. Like Android Lollipop, the Android M doesn’t come with a tone of makeovers and new features, but it i said to stabilize and upgrade the performance of the existing Lollipop version.

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This update to the M Developer Preview comes with a lot of changes to the existing preview, including an up-to-date M release platform code. As with the Lollipop’s developer preview version, you’ll be needing a Nexus device, more appropriately any one from Nexus 5, 6,9 or Nexus player to be able to use the Android M developer preview. Those who are already running the preview can download the update OTA (over-the-air).

Until the public version of Android M is released, Google said it would release an update tot he deveoper preview version.

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